he calls
I guess I am falling in love.
I can't stop thinking of Alessio even though we've talked once in my life and I disappointed him with having that french boyfriend...Oh now I see that it was a mistake but I can't reverse the time so let's just live with what we have. Well, at least I'm glad I haven't slept with the french guy. Now he seems disgusting, while thinking of Alessio makes me feel warm and enourmously happy. I have lbutterflies in my stomach and it feels amazing. I truly need to tell him how I feel. At least I know that he liked me(I can guess) and I swept for some uggggghhh god fucking damnit(I need to kuss it out)...
Well, I wanna talk to him, I wanna let him know I like him! That's crazy because I never wanna do that! Life is the only thing I have and it seems right to let him know...
The world is a mix of boys and girls no we need to figure out where to go, whom to be with. Strange, that being with some russian guy doesn't feel normal, but with this Italian one... awwwww <3

I wrote him, he read but haven't answered yet. I really wanna talk to him!!!!! omgggggggggggg