he calls
It was easier to live far away from you because we didn't need to do much to make work out our relationship. Even though it is friend relationship. I truly want you to know that I never desired anything but friendship after we broke up. Dot.
Month by month I get more surprised - you actually never called me and asked me to go somewhere for the whole time which I am in Moscow. Well, July - August - September - October - November - December starts... Almost half a year. I think that means a lot. As much as I tried to get to you - I called you many times, we had fun with our friends, I even cried near you (I didn't mean to, that's how it happened) - I never felt that you wanted, you wanted to be my friend!
Every single relationship should have been worked on. It is hard for me to admit - but with each person in my life I work on relationship. To work on it doesn't mean something enormous. It's just when you call and want to see a person, when you want to give a good advice and put person's values higher than yours. Just sometimes, because you really want to be a good friend to that person.

An old situation with Sasha and Nikita...I tried my best to be a good friend, I really wanted to be it for each of them. But it turned out like it shouldn't - and I didn't mean to. But I tried my best. Me and Marlena - we write each other each month, but before we were hanging out each Saturday. Even though each of us had other plans - we knew that one of us needs another and we were there to help or just joke around. Sometimes you need to get over something, if you think the relationship worth it. I don't see that you feel that it worth any work to do. I just know that I need you to be gone out of my life. We'll be accountancies like we meant to be 2 years ago. And I don't want to explain anything - most of all, I don't run for explanation. We were not meant to be together and I am not even crying.
I forgot when I was crying over you the last time.
Well, I hope, I want your life will be as bright as it should and you'll find a woman which you will love and which will love you back.
I will find my man, about whom I will write in some next posts. Now it's about you.
It's about you leaving my life.
December, mon mois magique.
I want my presence and my future to be just like it supposed to be. And I need to get over you - God will be here to help me. And as long as I am sure that God is me, I mean it is something which lives in me and actually is everything - there is nobody in the world who can help me. Dot.

But I am over you.
I am officially over you.
You better be jumping around!

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