he calls
well, that's what i needed and I am damn thankful for that!
Thank you, God, for making me happy this day and making me feel so special. I will not forget this feeling and I promise I will remind myself of it each day so you wouldn't be disappointed in my "receiving" skills. All I want - to spend the time I have left for having fun, for having life which I do have. Which I love as hell, if you can love the hell actually. I promise to catch the wave whenever it is possible and catch the opportunity when I feel like doing it. Thank you, my God, for this man who made my day! And that was so sweet so I can't just believe, but I should cause it's my life and I love it! Thank you for Grisha also, who made my day even better, who was a snshine, who was true and with whom I can stay true. Well, I do love it! And I want to be true in any place and way and...just true. Thank you!